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Since its inception in 1988, Continental Lighting Corporation has been supplying commercial lighting services to Fortune 500 companies, small corporations, management companies, and electrical and general contractors.  CLC is home to a 4,000 square foot showroom displaying differentiated forms of residential, commercial, and industrial lighting, along with a wide array of LED's, incandescent, fluorescent, medical, and halogen bulbs.  Over the past three decades,  Continental has established an expansive manufacture network enabling access to some of the world's most iconic brands in lighting.  With summer of 2018 fast approaching, CLC will be opening a 4,000 square foot Electrical Supply showroom and warehouse displaying new product lines such as wire, pipe, circuit breakers, hand and power tools, fan motors, boxes, and enclosures.  With CLC's extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Lighting and Electrical Supplies, the company also has a well established comprehensive parts, repair, and fixture restoration department.

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